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UV Overexposure & Skin Cancer – Prevention or Cure?

At that time, excessive exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays is rarely apparent and, in many cases, may not be intentional. However, repeated exposure has more adverse long-term effects on our body and our health. We are all aware of the most obvious and painful symptoms of a sunburn, including hot, red, and sensitive ..
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kin Disease and Skin Cancer Treatment – You Need to Read This

Skin cancer like melanoma is life threatening. Therefore, it is important that treatment for skin cancer begins early. Treatment of skin cancer can be traditional or it can be similar to alternative medicine. Cancer treatment is advancing rapidly day by day and new treatment methods are being developed. Traditional skin cancer treatment includes several methods, ..
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It Could be Your Best Sun Protection

The most favorite summer memories for most children are long hot, sunny days at the beach. Those memories conjure up mental images of playing in the waves, burying Daddy alive, and eating peanut butter and sandwiches. The thoughts that do not usually appear in our memories by the sea are those of sunburn. This is ..
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Bone Cancer Metastasis

It is estimated that 60% to 84% of cancer patients develop bone metastases. Of these, 70% experience a pain syndrome that is difficult to manage, of which 50% die without adequate pain relief with poor quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to have accessible and effective medicines for the management of this condition. It ..
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