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It Could be Your Best Sun Protection

The most favorite summer memories for most children are long hot, sunny days at the beach. Those memories conjure up mental images of playing in the waves, burying Daddy alive, and eating peanut butter and sandwiches. The thoughts that do not usually appear in our memories by the sea are those of sunburn. This is because we remember the best moments more than the worst. No matter how well Mom soaped up her sunscreen, there were always spots left, and boy, weren’t visible at the end of the day! The advent of the brash t-shirt has come to the rescue of modern moms and dads to prevent these traumatic experiences.

The Rash Guard T-shirt was originally developed for surfers who had wax eruptions on their surfboards. Wax grabs the beach sand and then they rub their torsos in the wax as they head to a break. Rash guards are now made from fabrics that have high UPF factors, most of them 50+. This is the best protection you can get from the sun’s harmful rays, as well as being first. The main advantage of the shirt is that there are no “lost points” as there is with sunscreen. The rash guards also dry fast, making them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Once a kid starts wearing one on the beach, it becomes second nature, like a life jacket, and all the headache and worry about sunburn go away (at least for covered areas.

Other sports and activities have also adopted rash protection shirts as standard operating procedure. In karate, the shirt is worn under the gi to prevent foaming of the hard cotton uniform. In grappling, most fighters now wear long-sleeved shirts, as they make the opponent more difficult to catch. In sailing, professional crews now wear rash protection shirts as a similar item during water sports because they dry faster and look much faster than wet shirts.

When purchasing a rash protection shirt, consider several factors to ensure the quality of the shirt in question. Sewing is so important that a faulty seam can cause more problems than the sunburn you’re trying to prevent. Flat stitched seams are best for comfort and durability. The fabric is also very important, not all rash protection shirts are UPF 50+! Also, as with any product, check the seller’s customer service policies.


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