Book Review of the Proliferation of Bio, Chemical, High Tech, and Nuclear Weapons

Book Review of the Proliferation of Bio, Chemical, High Tech, and Nuclear Weapons

We sure hear numerous condemnation of the USA from the World Media, Al Jazeera, and in all the countries which own their very own media; kingdom-backed media this is. Generally, any state that is less than stellar with human rights, enjoys America Bashing. Indeed, many accept as true with this is because the us has now not been diplomatically as kind as they’d hoped giving out money, items, donations, and loose-resource.

Nevertheless, earlier than you fall for any of this nonsense that America is the Bad Guy, then you definitely want to apprehend a bit bit greater approximately the intelligence network and the proliferations of truly awful and scary weapons; which include bio-guns, chemical agents, and nuclear bombs higher. Thus, I’d such as you to maintain judgment approximately America or before you’re making detracting feedback until you study this e book;

“Treachery; How America’s Friends and Foes Are Secretly Arming Our Enemies,” via Bill Gertz; Crown Forum a department of Random House; New York, NY; (2004); (280 pps); ISBN: 1-4000-5315-3.

In fact, I just bet you notice the battle on terror, and our work in nuclear weapon proliferation and anti-bio-guns that of the most noble of oldsters on the Earth. The US should be congratulated and you ought to turn your ire towards those nations which might be busy promoting weapons to rogue regimes, terrorist agencies, and those who a one hundred eighty-levels out from human rights, democracy, liberty and freedom.

I also advocate Bill’s different books; specially Betrayl (Clinton transfer era problems to China), The China Threat, and Breakdown (speaking about the intelligence disasters main as much as 911). I just bet once you examine these books that you will exchange your perspectives on the way you see the United States and the rest of the arena. Please do not forget all this, because that is about the actual international, no longer the purported political fantasies we’re fed by way of the mass media.

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