Bollard posts – Protect Buildings, Equipment, and Personnel

Bollard posts - Protect Buildings, Equipment, and Personnel

How Bollard posts will help you in this aspect?

What takes place if a forklift backs into your building? Imagine the harm! Read directly to find out how bollard posts can effortlessly be avoided.

Heavy equipment can reason heavy harm. Fortunately, such harm may be avoided through the strategic use of this.

What is bollard posts?

They’re posts constructed from metallic that may be positioned anywhere in which you need to create a safety sector. Such a region may be installation to defend work areas as well as buildings and device.

Should a automobile returned into a bollard put up covered region, it will hit the posts rather than the constructing or the device. This will save you the gadget or the building from being damaged.

But it is handiest half of the tale. Sure, structural damage is bad sufficient. But actual disaster can lurk just across the corner. Bollard posts are even more important for protective areas where flammable materials, batteries, and machines are stored. If a car were to crash into a flammable materials storage place, any “structural” damage might be the least of your issues.

How does this help you?

So these are an tremendous manner to save you property harm and worse. In fact, they’re also very reasonable, particularly if you consider the fee of the form of potential damage that they could prevent.

The posts themselves are made out of 1/4″ thick metal and they’re installed on metal plates that are 3/8″ inches thick. They are also clean to install for the reason that plates have pre-drilled holes.

They are smooth to peer as well because they’ve a shiny yellow baked on powder coating. For a more degree of security, they can also be full of cement. All you have to do is to take away the black high density polyethylene caps and fill cement into the hole posts.

They come in numerous sizes. There are spherical posts with a diameter of four, 5, or 6 inches, as well as rectangular posts. They additionally come in several heights, from 24 inches to 42 inches.

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